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4 Benefits of Domestic Shutters

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your home? Look no further than domestic roller shutters.

Domestic shutters are a simple way to enhance everything about your home’s exterior while providing benefits to your family inside as well. From safety to accessibility to privacy, roller shutters are a great addition to any Australian home.

Keep reading to learn why you should upgrade to domestic shutters today.

Added Security

Everyone deserves to feel safe at home, and with residential shutters you can achieve a higher level of security to give your family peace of mind.

Domestic shutters are used to reinforce homes, especially any glass windows, doors, or even walls. They provide a layer of impact protection from flying debris like rocks to help avoid damage during storms or even accidents outside your home.

They can also be closed to deter burglars from being able to access the weaker points of your home. If using fire guard shutters, you can even protect your home from fires thanks to fireproofed metals that keep fires out and your home safe inside.


Extend Living Space

If you have a carport, patio, or other outdoor space that you want to use but don’t feel comfortable leaving open, domestic shutters can help.

Roller shutters can be used to separate patios from yards without fences, allowing people and pets to enjoy the weather without a worry. This can also keep children from running off so that parents can relax while still allowing fresh air to flow. When you want to restore access, you can simply raise the shutters with the press of a button or by hand.

Domestic shutters can also be added to a carport to convert it into a semi-enclosed garage that is perfect for mechanical work thanks to the improved airflow the shutters provide.


Control Light and Privacy

Blinds on windows are often used to block out light and potential onlookers, allowing you to take control of privacy in your home. However, not every door or window can have curtains or blinds, which means that you lose some control over your home’s interior.

Roller shutters act like more advanced blinds. Aside from the security improvements, they also can be rolled up or down to create an entirely opaque privacy barrier, or expanded to provide directional light while limiting sight.


Temperature and Noise Control

Glass windows and doors are the source of a lot of heat transfer due to glass being a better conductor of heat than most building materials. The natural sunlight can penetrate and even be magnified by glass features, heating rooms that you want to keep cool.

Glass also provides less soundproofing for your home, which means that anything inside or outside that is loud is more likely to be heard by the other party. When it comes to achieving peace and quiet (or not annoying your neighbors), noise reduction is a major benefit of domestic shutters.

Domestic shutters allow you to control the amount of light that enters your home, helping to prevent heat transfer and keep your home cool. Plus, when you want quiet or plan to be loud, roller shutters can be closed to keep everyone happy.


Domestic shutters offer a wide range of benefits for your home, and when you work with Maverick, they don’t have to be a headache to get started with.

Serving Australia since 1994, Maverick Roller Products knows what it takes to make your home safer and freer with the help of roller shutters. Offering a wide range of models, styles, and colors, Maverick can help you find the right style for your home so that you can enjoy the many benefits of domestic shutters.


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