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5 Reasons Your Shop Needs Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

More businesses are warming up to the idea of installing roller shutters on their premises. If you have also been thinking of this, read on to discover why it is such a great investment.

What is a Roller Shutter?

A roller shutter is a sheet of fibreglass or metal that runs from a building’s roof to its bottom, usually covering both doors and windows. As the name suggests, it rolls up when you want to access a building and down when you close it.

Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters

Here are the top benefits of installing roller shutters on your business premises.

Safety and Security

Depending on the design you choose to install, a roller shutter offers medium to high security for your premises. Some of the materials used for making roller shutters include galvanized steel, aluminium, fibreglass, and hardened polycarbonate. All of these are reliable deterrents that can keep burglars from breaking into your premises.

Additionally, roller shutters offer a reliable security solution for rooms with limited headroom space. The compact headbox allows you to fold the shutter without taking up a large space.

When buying a roller shutter for your business, ensure that it has a shutter look for heightened security.

Variable Operation

Roller shutters come with variable operations to suit the unique needs of a business. You can choose between a manual and an electric shutter, depending on your requirements.

Most people like electric models because of the convenience they provide. You can operate the shutter from the comfort of anywhere inside your business using a remote control. Even better, they have a manual override that allows you to operate them in case of power failure.


With electricity bills continually rising, many businesspeople are overlooking insulation. A properly insulated area increases your productivity, which means you get higher profits.

A roller shutter can help improve the temperatures at your business premises. It insulates the interior spaces by up to 10 degrees during hot days, saving you the money you would have otherwise used on air conditioning.


When you choose to purchase a roller shutter, you can have it made to your business’s exact size, security, and operational needs. This ensures that you work within your budget.

Moreover, roller shutters can cover larger entrances and exits than their alternatives. Because they help you reduce energy costs by insulating your room and require little maintenance, roller shutters are cost-effective.

Noise Reduction

Lastly, roller shutters can help with noise reduction. Unless your shop sells speakers and other sound equipment, it is always good to have a business premise that isn’t noisy. Besides being a nuisance to customers and bystanders, it can inhibit the communication between you and your staff. Too much noise can also affect your hearing over an extended period.


You get what you pay for when purchasing roller shutters. For this reason, avoid going for the cheapest options. Instead, order a customized design that suits your business’s needs.

Buying from the wrong dealer can force you to spend more money on roller shutters than initially intended. Ensure that you buy from a trusted company with a proven record of accomplishment, like Maverick Roller Products Pty. For more information about our products and services, visit our website or call us on 02 9755 4055.

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