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Commercial Grilles

Commercial Grilles

Security shutters are becoming increasingly popular in a wide range of settings, including commercial and residential premises. These structures offer unrivalled safety, are durable, easy to maintain, and have several other benefits.

At Maverick rollers, we the industry specialists in making roller shutters. Whether you need a new door for your garage or are thinking of reinforcing security in your business premises, you will find something that suits your needs.

Here are some reasons why you need to consider products from Maverick Roller Products.


The standout feature of these commercial grilles is that they offer an array of unique combinations. You have four options to choose from – series 1, series 2, polyview, and security grille. You can interchange these with each otherto producedifferent combinations, depending on your preferences.

Regardless of how you mount your door, the curtain looks the same from both sides.


Here are the specifications of the commercial grilles we offer.


The maximum dimensions of our commercial grilles are a width of 3.6 metres and an area of nine square metres. This thickness is meant to provide extra security for your business premises. For larger entrances, we can fit additional mullions.


The curtains on our commercial grills are made using super-thick aluminium sheets, with nylon-end clips forming the joints. The clips prevent lateral movement and ensure that the shutter isn’t noisy during operation. There’s also an option for adding a polycarbonate infill.

Bottom Rail

The bottom rail on our roller shutters is made using aluminium. It has an extruded design that guarantees extra security and also serves as the mid-rail lock for your doors.


All models have a keyed centre lock on the bottom rail. You can lock the door from either side and even better, you can use a single key to operate multiple entrances.


The drum is made using a 20cm spiral ducted tube attached to steel wheels with fully-enclosed ball bearings that rotate around a steel shaft with minimal friction. To counterbalance the weight of the curtain during operation, the shaft comes with helical coil springs.


Our commercial grilles are available in two operation modes – manual and electric. All you need to do for manual models is push up and pull down the included pull pole. Electric variants offer more convenience and versatility, as you can operate them using a key swish, pushbuttons, and remote control.

Why You Need Commercial Grilles

From added security to enhanced privacy, our commercial grilles have lots of potential benefits to your business. Their thick structure offers more security to your property by acting as a deterrent to would-be burglars. If treated with fire-resistant materials, they can help contain fires and save your belongings.

Additionally, roller shutters are durable, as they are made using robust materials like aluminium and steel. Unlike glass and wood, these structures can last for up to 50 years or more if maintained properly.

Lastly, commercial grilles provide better privacy as compared to their competition. If your business has night-shift workers, you can roll them down anytime.

If you are looking for an investment that will make your business more secure, consider installing commercial grilles from Maverick Roller Products. For a quote on our products, call us on 02 9755 4055 or send an email to

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