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Useful Features of Commercial Roller Shutters

When you are involved in a venture that requires the safeguarding of valuable items either for sale or any other reason, the need for physical security is paramount. Commercial roller shutters are one of the few ways of keeping valuables safe in any business. They are easy to operate, maintain and they are quite effective for keeping certain people out of places they shouldn’t be.

Commercial roller shutters have been around for many years, and they are one of the few security measures that have stood the test of time against all major forms of burglary. Since our establishment in 1994, Maverick Roller Products Pty Ltd has become the leading manufacturer of aluminium roller shutters, grilles and folding enclosures in Australia. Our products can be used for both domestic and commercial applications

So, if you are considering getting a commercial roller shutter for your business, here are a few features that show how secure they are;


1. Fully Customizable

Interior designs are a significant part of the business environment, and as a business owner, you want a security measure that is fully customisable without compromising the security of your business. Commercial roller shutters are customisable and can be made to meet the requirements of your business environment.


2. Extra Layer of Security

As a business owner, you probably have a few doors, and some locks to keep things secure. However, a commercial roller shutter adds that extra layer of security to your business. It gives you that extra confidence in knowing that your valuables are safe every day, all year long.


3. Privacy

If your business needs some level of confidentiality or privacy, then commercial roller shutters are the way to go. They help keep things private and away from unwanted prying eyes. You can easily install them in places where you seek to store confidential information and rest assured that your valuables are completely out of reach to those who shouldn’t have access to them.


4. Protection from Harsh Weather Conditions

Most businesses usually involve items that could potentially get damaged by unfavourable weather conditions like heavy storms, wildfires, harsh sunlight etc. However, commercial roller shutters are immune to these natural elements and offer extensive protection against them. They are great for keeping fires out and keeping items at their ideal temperature.


5. Ease of Maintenance

One of the most amazing features of roller shutters is that they are quite easy to maintain. This makes them one of the best security measures for every business. With properly installed roller shutters, business owners will enjoy the benefit of a long-lasting security measure that requires little to no maintenance costs.

Commercial roller shutters are a proven measure for keeping businesses and their valuables safe. They can easily be used in isolation or with a combination of other security measures. Also, most commercial roller shutters are usually built out of aluminium, but they can be made from other kinds of metals as well.

A commercial roller shutter allows you to have a full range of customisation options without compromising the structural integrity of your business. We have the expertise, equipment and flexibility to provide quality service for clients all over the country call us today on 02 9755 4055.

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