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How Installing Roller Shutters Boosts Your Home’s Value

Modern trends are leading many people in Australia to renovate, remodel or rebuild their family homes. Some are doing so to seek better prices on the real estate market, while others update their homes for pleasure. Those selling their properties and are mastering the trends manage to add significant value to their homes. 

Home renovation can be a costly and time-consuming affair. Yet, there are several ways to save money while updating your home. Domestic roller shutters are among several cost-effective home improvement innovations gaining popularity in Australia today. This article focuses on six ways that roller shutters can add value to your home.

i. Extra security

Home security is a common challenge whether you live in the rural outback or the city centre. Installing home shutters improves not only your security but also increases your privacy. Security shutters discourage burglars from breaking into your house because they are difficult to cut through. The angled shutters also prevent passers-by from looking into your home, affording you more privacy and safety without inhibiting the flow of fresh air or natural light.

ii. Protection from the elements

Wildfires, storms and extreme weather are common in Australia, so installing exterior window shutters adds a layer of protection against natural elements. 

If you are in an area prone to wildfires, then Aluminium window shutters can keep you safe and prevent the heat from damaging your property. In addition, most areas experience storms, bringing flying debris capable of smashing your windows. Therefore, installing the appropriate shutters suited for your environment can add significant value to your home.

iii. Aesthetic curb appeal

Many traditional roller shutters used to be rugged and bulky. Luckily today, roller shutters are available in several colours, styles and materials. These modern roller shutters combine functionality and aesthetics. Home roller shutters can be tailored to fit your windows and décor themes perfectly. With an array of colour and texture options, you may not need to repaint your walls or acquire costly curtains.

iv. Light control

Modern home designs seek to maximise the flow of natural light into the rooms. This reduces the reliance on artificial light and enhances the vibrance of the home. Yet, too much natural light can limit the functionality of your home. Roller shutters have adjustable horizontal panels that can be tilted when necessary to reduce the light intensity without constricting air circulation. Installing blockout shutters is ideal for creating dark environments during the day to sleep or watch movies.

v. Noise reduction

Installing roller shutters for windows creates a sound-proofing effect on your home. These shutters muffle external noises from roads and the neighbourhood. Roller shutters are also ideal for building sound-proof rooms such as music studios and entertainment rooms so you can enjoy your sound equipment without disturbing the neighbours.

vi. Reduced utility bills

Roller shutters have superior insulation properties and can keep your home cool in the warmer months and warm in the winter. By limiting the transfer of heat through your windows, domestic roller shutters increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. As such, they lower your utility bills.

To sum up, several benefits of roller shutters can add value to your home. We are among the leading manufacturers of roller shutters in Australia. Our reputation for quality and variety are recognised across the country. Call Maverick Roller Products today on 02 9755 4055 for the highest quality roller shutters available. As a local company, we also have some of the most competitive prices you can find for the quality we provide.

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