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How to Choose the Best Shutter Option for Your Commercial Property

Protecting your commercial property from vandalism and theft is vital. Yet, your security systems should not discourage your patrons or make them feel unsafe. Commercial property shutters provide the perfect balance between security and aesthetics.

Shutters are comprised of hinged panel sets installed on windows and glass doors to enhance security, privacy and light control. The use of security shutters in Australia is popular for various reasons, such as affordability, ease of maintenance and aesthetic value.

This article reviews factors that can help you select the right shutters for your property. Read on if you would like to know more about shutter options for commercial properties in Australia.

Factors that influence your choice of shutters

Shutters vary in design, material and function. Your choice of shutters depends on your preferences, budget and reason for installing them. Below, we elaborate on the main factors to consider when selecting shutters for your commercial property.

Shutter Security Features

You can enhance the safety of your property with security shutters. Security shutters are made from metals such as steel and aluminium to discourage vandalism. These types of shutters are ideal for protecting the glass doors and windows of your property.

If you have a street-front property with attractive displays, you can use security roller shutters that enhance visibility. These types of shutters are made of dense material but have larger spaces to allow your patrons to view your displays. The contrast between large spaces and narrow shutter grills enhance safety without invoking fear.

Exterior window shutters are excellent for properties in areas prone to vandalism. The shutters’ roller system allows you to roll them out of sight during work hours. When you close your store for the day, you can roll down the security shutters for complete protection.

Shutter Privacy features

The need for discretion and confidentiality is vital in corporate settings. Installing shutters on glass doors and internal office windows enhances privacy during meetings and boardroom sessions. By setting your shutter panels at an acute angle, you can prevent visibility while letting natural light into your room. As such, you can have a discrete meeting without the need for artificial lighting, for example. By enhancing natural light penetration in your property, shutters enable you to save on your energy bills as well.

Aesthetic value

Your choice of shutters should complement your interior décor. The harmony of the colour, style and theme of your property speaks volumes to your clients. It shows your level of organisation, ingenuity and creativity.

If your commercial property is a rental unit, you may not have the liberty to paint the walls in your company colours. Shutters in your company colours enable you to decorate your office to match your brand. Shutters give you a non-intrusive inexpensive way to brand your property.


Keeping your commercial property clean is a vital aspect of attracting ad retaining customers. Unlike blinds or curtains, shutters are easy to clean and operate. The most common types of shutters are made of forms of plastic that are easy to wipe down or rinse. You don’t need to take down your shutters for washing. Shutters are also durable and have a long lifespan. In case of damages, shutters are easy to repair by replacing the affected panels.

To sum up, selecting the best shutters for your commercial property needs careful consideration. Contact the team at Maverick Rollers to help guide and advise your decision. Consider all the aspects discussed in this article to enable you to find the ideal set of shutters for your commercial property.

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