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How to Clean Roller Shutters

To ensure longevity of your home or commercial roller shutters it is important to properly maintain them. We have listed some tips below to help ensure that you are continually getting the best out of your products. Follow these guidelines to get the maximum value and use out of your purchase.


You should clean your shutters once every four to six months even if they don’t “appear” dirty. The elements can leave several kinds of residue on and inside your shutters that can affect the bearings and use of your shutters long term. Set a calendar reminder that emails yourself once every six months to make sure you don’t forget. With the recent bushfires and weather changes you may need to clean them more often.


Double Check before starting

Whether you have security shutters, home shutters or even aluminium shutters, you should make sure they are properly closed before beginning cleaning. This is both for the safety of your shutters and the person cleaning them. Without taking this step, it is possible for the shutters to be damaged.


Keep an eye on nearby trees and shrubbery

You don’t want them to grow into the path of your roller shutter, possibly causing damage to your home. Check your tree limbs for length and the direction they are growing, also look to make sure they don’t grow over your shutters, as they can fall and damage them.


Keep it simple

You should clean your shutters with a mixture of water and light soap. Never use products like WD40 or other lubricants to enhance the shine or make the motor “work better”. These products can damage the interior of your shutters and compromise their long-term use.

For maintenance of commercial shutters, make sure that your employees are aware of the guidelines and provisions above. It can also be good advice to have a conversation with your gardener or lawn maintenance professional about the proper method of handling these pieces of equipment. Ensuring everyone has access to this information is a great way to keep everyone happy and safe and keep your shutters for years to come.

As previously mentioned, if you want to ensure your shutters lifespan and durability, you must keep them maintained.  Maverick Roller Products Pty Ltd is the leading manufacturer of aluminium roller shutters, grilles and folding enclosures in Australia. To make use of our services, please call 02 9755 4055 or get a quote online.

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