Superior FD 150/ FD 300


Maverick “Superior” FD 150/FD 300 folding doors are suitable for a wide range of commercial and domestic applications with either internal or external installations including: shopping centres, shop fronts, bar frontage, counter tops, serveries, clubs, doorways, verandas and hotels.

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The “Superior” FD 150/FD 300 folding doors can span any width of opening with a maximum opening height of 4200mm.


The “Superior” FD 150/FD 300 folding doors can span any width of opening with a maximum opening height of 4200mm.

Curtain Infill Options

  • 3mm polycarbonate (as pictured in this brochure)
  • 3mm toughened Glass
  • Solid aluminium
  • 3mm perforated extruded aluminium infills. (4.5mm perforations providing 51% ventilation.)
  • Aluminium rods-vertical profile


The 54mm x 32mm lead post is machined to fit the lockset assembly. Internal, external or both side key operations are available. The locking lead post is placed approximately every 2 metres or depending on the width requirements. Mavericks unique lock clip on the external cover allows easy access to the system for maintenance.

Top Track

The top track is an aluminium extrusion 35mm wide x 38mm high. Tracks may have a radius of no less than 300mm (FD 150) and 600mm (FD300) for curved applications. For elliptical curves , a template must be supplied by the purchaser.

Pocket Sizes

Generally the curtains will compact to between 17%-21% of the opening size for the FD 150 and 13% to 16% of the opening size for the FD300, which can vary on different locking post configurations.


FD 150 approximately 15kg/sqm FD 300 approximately 12kg/sqm


Manually operated by hand. Simply slide left or right depending on locking configuration.


Premium matt natural anodised as standard colour. Powder coating as an option in Dulux powder coat range.

Work By Others

Unless otherwise specified:

  • Preparation of the opening will be by others
  • Preparation of all structural support, access or any joinery works will be by others



Maverick Roller Products Pty Ltd is continually researching and developing its products and reserves the right to change specifications without notice

Superior Folding Doors Specifications (Single Stack)
Panel Width Pocket Width “A” Opening width 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000 6500 7000 7500 8000 8500 9000 9500 10000
300 mm 350 mm Stacked 250 275 405 435 470 500 625 660 690 720 860 895 910 945 1080 1115 1150 1185 1220
150 mm 200 mm Depth “B” 295 360 515 580 645 710 865 930 995 1055 1120 1185 1250 1315 1565 1630 1690 1755 1820