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Roller Shutters Are Valuable Additions to Your Home

Roller Shutters

There are many bonus features you can add to your home to increase its value, make it stand out from others, and pique buyers’ interest.

Roller shutters for windows certainly count on the list of such extras. As they are custom-designed to fit the home windows, they become a part of the house itself.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of domestic roller shutters. 

The Look

First impressions count the most. That’s why the exterior of the house is so important in terms of valuing the home or selling it.

Roller shutters can be quite stylish which adds a great deal of appeal to the homes appearance for potential buyers. Maverick Roller Products offer attractive rollers with 12 different colour options for the slats. This way you can choose a colour that best matches the home’s design aesthetic.


Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own home. Get the best possible peace of mind with roller shutters knowing that burglars cannot break-in. If that’s not valuable enough, think of how you’ll also keep any expensive or precious items safe from theft.

They additionally offer more privacy. Unlike drapes or blinds, shutters entirely block the view of outsiders because they fit perfectly in their windows. This extra safety feature is especially useful if you go away for the summer or any extended period of time.

Weather Protection

In addition to keeping occupants safe from trespassers, roller shutters can also protect them (and the house itself) against inclement weather. Windows can be vulnerable parts of the house that wind and storm may penetrate. With shutters installed, homeowners will feel safer and may save money on property damages. Shutters, like the BAL 40 fireguard shutters offered at Maverick, can also protect the home from bushfires.

Control Light, Noise, and Insulation

Who doesn’t want the ability to keep out noises from the neighbours? Roller shutters are known to significantly block them out. This feature would be invaluable to anyone but may be particularly helpful for someone who works and sleeps outside of normal hours.

Such a person would also benefit from the ability to block natural light when necessary. They could sleep more easily during the day as needed. But keeping out light can do even more. It can dramatically lower energy bills by lowering aircon usage. On the flip side, roller shutters simultaneously are insulating so that during colder months, homeowners also save on heat energy bills.

About 50% of the energy for heating or cooling the home is lost by way of the windows. Future homeowners will be pleased with the saving opportunities that come with roller shutters.

With abilities to save homeowners money on energy bills, protect them from intruders and inclement weather, and keep out unwanted noise and light, roller shutters are a super perk.

To install roller shutters in your home call our helpful staff at Maverick Roller Products at 02-9755-4055. Our warranty automatically comes with 5 years of labour coverage. It’s an investment you won’t regret. And one that future owners of your home won’t either.

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