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Why Blockout Roller Shutters Are Important On Your Property

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Window coverings are an integral part of every building, whether commercial or residential. Having the right covers can improve a property’s security, comfort, and visual appeal.

Blockout shutters are gaining more popularity over standard roller blinds, primarily because of their energy efficiency and ability to offer privacy.

The following are the reasons why you need need to consider Blockout shutters when constructing or renovating your property.

Temperature Regulation

During summer, glass windows tend to gain a lot of heat, making your property hot and uncomfortable. Even worse, it compels you to spend more money on air conditioning. On the contrary, blockout shutters don’t cause any discomfort because they have a pocket of air between them and the window that helps with temperature regulation.

In winter, blockout shutters can help you reduce your electricity bill by decreasing the amount of heat lost by glass window coverings. Again, this is because of the air pocket formed between the shutters and the window.

Lighting Control

Unlike regular blinds, blockout shutters allow you to control the amount of light that enters your room. This is particularly useful on sunny days since too much natural light can make your property hot and uncomfortable. Besides temperature, sunlight also increases humidity and can cause sunburn in people with sensitive skin.

Additionally, too much exposure to UV rays can damage your furniture and other possessions. A darkened room also helps shift workers and children sleep better during the day.

Reduced Noise

Research shows that the polyurethane foam used in making aluminium roller shutters can cut back noise significantly. This not only makes a property more relaxing, but it also reduces distractions and enhances productivity.

Break-in Protection

Another benefit of blockout shutters is that they protect your property from intruders. This is because they are closely attached to your doors and windows, making it difficult to pull them away. For this reason, would-be burglars tend to avoid buildings with blackout shutters, lest they risk getting caught while trying to break in.

Weather Protection

Blockout roller shutters offer excellent protection against adverse weather conditions. Suppose you live in an area that experiences hailstorms and tornadoes. You are confident that your property will remain intact because the shutters deflect the flying debris that can break the glass and cause other damages.

Enhanced Privacy

Because of its transparent nature, it can be hard to maintain privacy using glass. If you want to prevent outsiders from seeing what’s going on in your house, you need to invest in more expensive options like frosted glass. Better yet, you can install blockout shutters and get total control over your privacy.

People who need the most privacy live in busy surroundings, like roadsides or near airports. For them, installing blockout shutters is a wise investment.


From your living room to your office, blockout shutters are ideal for every room. Their insulation properties help you save the money that you would have otherwise used on air conditioning. Additionally, they enhance privacy, protect your property against harsh weather conditions, and act as a deterrent to burglars.

Lastly, blockout roller shutters are not hard to maintain as some people believe. All you have to do is paint them to prevent rusting, mainly if they are not made of aluminium or stainless steel. At Maverick Roller Products Pty Ltd, we are experts at what we do. Contact us by phone on 02 9755 4055 or get a quote online.

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