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Maverick Series 3 Roller Shutters are suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications with either internal or external installations including: shopfronts, carpark entrances, warehouses, loading docks or any area where security is essential, particularly over wide span openings.


Curtain style & layout

The Maverick Roller Products Series 3 curtain is customisable to suit the needs of each individual project or site. They are made to size and can be manufactured using solid, perforated, slotted or extra-large slotted slats. Slat shape remains constant between the styles allowing for any combination of the 4 styles. Polycarbonate can also be installed behind the slotted or perforated style slats during the manufacturing process to provide added security without compromising visibility.




As standard, each individual Series 3 shutter can be manufactured up to a width of 7.6m and a height of 4.5m. For opening larger than 7.6m, we offer the option to special order material up to a maximum length of 12m.


The curtain is manufactured using interlocking 90mm x 1.5mm extruded aluminium slats, in 6063-T5 alloy, to form a continuous hinge. Every alternate slat is fitted with a moulded nylon end clips to prevent lateral movement and provide a smooth and quiet operation inside the side guides. As an additional option, the slats can be punched with slots or perforated to allow ventilation. Polycarbonate infills can be fitted behind either the slots of perforations. Perforated slats are made up of 6.5mm holes with 8.5mm spacing and provide 30% free air flow. Standard slots (200mm x 60mm) provide 53% free air flow. Extra large slots (600mm x 60mm) provide 60% free air flow.

Bottom Rail

The bottom rail of the shutter is manufactured from a 100mm x 30mm/75mm extruded aluminium section with a built-in foot. A weather seal can be fitted to the base of the bottom rail if required.


Locking options for spring assisted or chain operation are:

  • Two-way mortice locking to mid rail
  • Shoot bolts to bottom rail (padlocks supplied by others).
  • Locking is not available on motorised shutters

Side Guides

The guides are manufactured from an extruded aluminium section 104mm deep x 35mm wide. There is a channel within the guide which allows felt brush to be fitted if required.


The Series 3 roller shutter curtains, guides and bottom rails come standard in a clear anodised finish. For alternative colour choices please refer to Dulux or Interpon powder coat ranges. Additional charges apply for non-standard finish.


We do not recommend the use of mullions with this style of shutter. Please contact our sales department should you have the need of an alternative design to standard guides.


One pair of mild steel brackets will be supplied by Maverick with each drum to be fitted on site to a structure supplied by others.


There are 3 options for operation of the Series 3 Roller Shutters:

  • Spring assisted (lift up and dow n manuallyby hand/using supplied pull hook)
  • Chain operated (lift up and down manually using chain)
  • Motorised operation (motor attached to drum drives  the shutter up and down when signal is received from controller. 1hp 3 phase or 1hp single phase motor asstandard. Not suitable for high cycle applications).


Manual operation, simply push up and pull down with supplied pull pole. Doors can be electrically motorised with various push button, remote control or key switch operation.


Spring assisted operation:
The drum is manufactured from 200mm spiral duct tube attached to mild steel wheels with fully enclosed ball bearings which rotate around a 34mm steel shaft with next to no friction. The shaft is fitted with helical coil springs, designed to counterbalance the curtain weight throughout it’s full operation.
Chain operation/Motorised operation:
The drum is manufactured from 165mm x 3.5mm seamless drawn steel tube with a 39mm solid steel axle and houses counterbalanced springs, suitable for use in Series 3 Roller Shutters up to a maximum size of 8500mm wide x 4000mm high. Outside of these parameters the drum will be made with larger tube to suit size and application (at the manufacturers discretion).


Maverick Roller Products Pty Ltd is continually researching and developing its products and reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

ROLL Diameters Series 3
Drum Options Height mm 1800 2100 2400 2700 3000 3300 3600 3900 4200
165 mm Drum Roll Diameter 360 370 380 390 400 410 420 430 440
200 mm Drum Roll Diameter 396 406 416 426 436 446 456 466 476