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Advantages of Polycarbonate Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are versatile security features for domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Roller shutters are ideal for windows, glass doors and shop fronts because they promote visibility. As such, they enhance security without reducing the aesthetic qualities of your property.

Polycarbonate roller shutters have gained popularity in Australia because they have several advantages over conventional steel. Polycarbonates are thermoplastic polymers that are easy to mould. Polycarbonate roller shutters have high tensile strength and are resistant to wear.

Maverick Roller Products PTY LTD is a leading supplier of security roller shutters in Australia. We have been manufacturing and distributing roller shutters all over the country since 1994. Our wealth of experience enables us to provide better products and services than our competitors. Below are three key advantages that set our polycarbonate roller shutters apart from others in the market.

  • High Visual appeal
  • High Security
  • Low Maintenance

There are several other advantages of polycarbonate roller shutters. Yet, the three factors listed above have the highest impact.

1. High Visual Appeal

Polycarbonate shutters are ideal for shop fronts that need to combine high visibility and security. The shutters’ sleek design enhances the aesthetics of your store and assures your customers of their safety.

Our mini-view polycarbonate roller shutters consist of narrow bars arranged in a horizontal array. These bars are between 36mm and 50mm apart. The gaps between the bars enable potential customers to look into your store without compromising your security. Our mini-view roller shutters are the product of choice for many jewellery stores, malls, electronics stores and supermarkets.

Our polycarbonate roller shutters also enhance the flow of natural light into your store. Natural lighting enhances the atmosphere and visual appeal of your store. Also, free access to natural lighting reduces your electricity requirements and bills.

2. High Security

Our polycarbonate roller shutters are strong and hard to cut through. As an extra security measure, we integrate aluminium components into the design of our shutters. Extruded aluminium of varying dimensions is used to manufacture the roller shutters interlocking curtain slats, side guides and bottom rail.

The interlocking curtain slats have moulded nylon end clips that prevent lateral movement. The roller shutter’s locking device is a keyed centre lock. This lock is housed in the aluminium bottom rail. Locking the roller shutters secures the aluminium flat bars into the side guides on both sides of the opening. Once locked, you can operate our polycarbonate roller shutters from both inside and outside your store.

3. Low Maintenance

Maverick polycarbonate roller shutters are easy to maintain. The polycarbonate bars are easy to clean with a feather duster or damp cloth. The nylon end clips reduce friction between the roller slats. As such, the roller shutter’s movement is smooth and does not require frequent oiling.

Also, polycarbonate roller shutters have a high thermal resistance range. As such, they are resistant to wear and tear. The glossy sleek appearance of polycarbonate shutters eliminates the need for regular application of paint or protective coating.

Taking everything into account, the versatility of Maverick mini-view polycarbonate roller shutters is second to none. You can use our shutters on doorways, shop windows, cashier counters and several other high traffic areas. If you are interested in a high-quality security solution for your home or office, call us on 02 9755 4055. We can provide you with a reasonable quote once we have the details of your installation.

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