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4 Circumstances that Call for Commercial Heavy-Duty Security Shutters

All smart business people buy into the best security features they can afford to protect their investment. Common examples include surveillance systems and roller shutters.

Shutters are gaining popularity because they require little maintenance – here are situations that need you to invest in heavy-duty security shutters.
When You Have a Standalone Shop
With the increasing construction of shopping centres, standalone shops are often forgotten about. Shops located in malls are more secure because of their closeness. Owners will likely hire several guards and invest in more surveillance equipment, making it unlikely for burglars to target their stores.

Additionally, many malls are designed so …

Which Roller Shutters Have the Best Visual Appearance?

Shutters are gaining popularity in domestic and commercial premises. Besides guaranteeing security, these structures are now better looking. In the past, many property owners didn’t consider shutters because of their poor aesthetics. However, this has changed and continues to improve.

Roller shutters can improve your premises’ aesthetic if done right. However, a poor shutter choice can make a home or a business look miserable. Therefore, it is best to consult a seasoned exterior designer. However, some shutter styles work on almost any building.

Here’s a breakdown of different shutter types, their pros and cons and …

Different Types of Domestic Shutters

Security is vital for every homeowner. After all, nobody wants to lose their hard-earned money or possessions to criminals. Therefore, you will need the best equipment such as CCTV cameras and heavy-duty roller shutters to keep your home safe.

Like cameras, roller shutters secure your home by deterring potential burglars. Many types are available depending on your budget, desired aesthetic and how secure you need them to be.

Read on to discover the different roller shutters available.
Aluminium Roller Shutters
Aluminium rollers are made using …

Is a Grille or Shutter More Suitable for My Business?

Starting and running a business is expensive. Nobody wants to lose their hard-earned money to thieves, so many enterprises have grilles and roller shutters, CCTV cameras, and guards to improve security and deter potential theft. 

Often, business people find it challenging to choose between security grilles and roller shutters. Read on to discover their differences and which is the better option.
Security grilles are cheaper than roller shutters. Grilles are mostly manual, while some shutters are automated. This means shutters have many advanced features like remote control and manual override. You can purchase …

How Often Should I Get My Commercial Roller Shutters Serviced?

Most businesses have shutters because of their many benefits. Besides better security, these structures protect against harsh weather, enhance privacy and have effective insulation properties that reduce electricity costs.

Another key advantage of commercial roller shutters is that they don’t require intensive maintenance. However, you still need to inspect your shutters for defects and confirm that every part is in good working condition. The question is, how often should you do these inspections and have your shutters serviced?

Most local authorities specify the number of times you need to inspect your commercial premises in their Health and Safety Act and building …

How Installing Roller Shutters Boosts Your Home’s Value

Modern trends are leading many people in Australia to renovate, remodel or rebuild their family homes. Some are doing so to seek better prices on the real estate market, while others update their homes for pleasure. Those selling their properties and are mastering the trends manage to add significant value to their homes. 

Home renovation can be a costly and time-consuming affair. Yet, there are several ways to save money while updating your home. Domestic roller shutters are among several cost-effective home improvement innovations gaining popularity in Australia today. This article focuses on six ways that …

The Best Materials for Commercial Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are ideal for commercial properties that need to ramp up their security while maintaining customer appeal. Roller shutters are popular security features because of their aesthetic value, versatility and ease of deployment.

It can be challenging to choose a type of roller shutter due to the variety of options available. Yet, your purpose for installing roller shutters determines the material you choose. This article focuses on the four most common materials for roller shutters in Sydney.
1. PVC Roller Shutters
One of the most affordable materials for your roller shutters is PVC. PVC shutters …

5 Incidental Benefits of Domestic Roller Shutters

Domestic roller shutters have several advantages in the home and are easy to install and affordable to maintain.

If you live in an area where factors such as privacy, light control and heat management are important, then you can benefit significantly from installing domestic roller shutters. Below are five incidental benefits of using domestic shutters in Australia.
Light Control
The light intensity in Australia can be overwhelming for many residents. While some people enjoy the benefits of natural lighting, it helps to have control over the light intensity in your home. You …

How Domestic Roller Shutters Can Help Protect your Home Against the Elements

The extreme weather conditions in Australia can make it challenging to maintain a comfortable environment in your home. Keeping your home cool in summer, warm in winter and well lit all year round is a costly exercise. Shutters provide a low cost yet highly effective method of keeping you safe from the elements. Read on if you would like to know more about how shutters can protect your home.
What are Shutters?
Shutters are horizontal slate panels attached to a frame on both ends. The panels overlap each other on a parallel array from the top to the …

How to Choose the Best Shutter Option for Your Commercial Property

Protecting your commercial property from vandalism and theft is vital. Yet, your security systems should not discourage your patrons or make them feel unsafe. Commercial property shutters provide the perfect balance between security and aesthetics.
Shutters are comprised of hinged panel sets installed on windows and glass doors to enhance security, privacy and light control. The use of security shutters in Australia is popular for various reasons, such as affordability, ease of maintenance and aesthetic value.
This article reviews factors that can help you select the right shutters for your property. …

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