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How Often Should I Get My Commercial Roller Shutters Serviced?

Most businesses have shutters because of their many benefits. Besides better security, these structures protect against harsh weather, enhance privacy and have effective insulation properties that reduce electricity costs.

Another key advantage of commercial roller shutters is that they don’t require intensive maintenance. However, you still need to inspect your shutters for defects and confirm that every part is in good working condition. The question is, how often should you do these inspections and have your shutters serviced?

Most local authorities specify the number of times you need to inspect your commercial premises in their Health and Safety Act and building codes. For instance, they require you to service mechanical doors like roller shutters yearly. After they have been serviced, you need a signed document from the professional who serviced your shutters as proof.

Servicing your roller shutters keeps them in good condition and increases their lifespan. How? For example, a professional can detect issues you might overlook before they worsen and become expensive to repair or even irreparable. Experts also advise you on the best maintenance practices.

What Happens During Servicing?

During servicing, the pro evaluates every part of your roller shutters. They start by checking the integrity of the slats to make sure they are strong enough to deter a burglar and protect against bad weather. They also make sure they are safe for human use.

The next step involves checking the moving parts. If it’s electric, the expert will examine the motor. Otherwise, they’ll check the gears to see if the doors open and close without hitches.

It’s advisable to have a qualified professional service for your roller shutters. However, these are the things you can do as you wait for the pros to arrive.

Regular Cleaning

Ensure that you clean your shutters regularly, as removing dirt and debris reduces the risk of clogging the mechanisms, making them difficult to operate. The friction caused by the dirt also damages the moving parts and shortens your shutter’s lifespan.

Avoid abrasive cleaners such as bleach and harsh solvents when cleaning your roller shutters. In addition, steel scrapers and scrubbing brushes can damage your paintwork and expose the metal to corrosion.

Replace Broken Parts

The most crucial components of your roller shutters are the moving parts made of ball bearings. Ensure that you grease them to prevent friction and ease movement. Also, tighten the supporting bolts and nuts that loosen after extensive use.

Besides making operations more manageable, checking your shutter’s components also reduces accident risk. For instance, tightening bolts ensures that the metallic sheet won’t fall on you while using the shutter.

Polish Regularly

If you notice scratches and blemishes in your shutters, polish them using methylated spirit. This removes dirt and grime on the doors or windows without damaging your paintwork, making your roller shutter appear shiny and look as good as new.

Final Words

Observing the care practices mentioned above and hiring a professional to service your roller shutters will extend their lifetime. But, more importantly, it keeps them in good working condition.

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