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Why You Need to Hire Experts for Roller Shutter Maintenance

Roller Shutter

Roller shutters are gaining more popularity in residential and commercial premises due to their numerous benefits. After all, they guarantee increased privacy and security, and their insulation properties mean that you spend less money on air conditioning systems. However, like other mechanical equipment, they are bound to get defective at times and might need repairing to return to a prime working condition.

As a homeowner or a businessperson, you may be tempted to take the DIY route when your roller shutter malfunctions. However, without the expertise, you may make the defect more severe, especially if you have no prior experience repairing such installations.

Here are the reasons why you should hire experts for home and commercial roller shutter maintenance.

Legal Compliance

Most local authorities require business people and homeowners to ensure that shutter-style and other powered doors are maintained efficiently. The reason behind this directive is to improve the occupants’ safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

When you hire experts to conduct maintenance, they ensure that your shutters get regular servicing and provide a document that proves that you’ve complied with local regulations. This document shows the time and date of inspection, faults, repairs and upgrades made, and the name, designation, and signature of the company that carried out the task.

Experts Have the Right Skills and Equipment

If you lack the equipment and knowledge for repair roller shutters, you can cause a massive mess out of a minor issue. Even worse, you might get injured while trying to do the repairs. Luckily, you can avoid all of these by enlisting the services of a professional.

Unlike you, experts have the skills and knowledge required to restore functionality in defective roller shutters. They don’t mind climbing up ladders, carrying heavy equipment, or getting sweaty. More importantly, they’re experienced, meaning they’ll take a shorter time to complete the task.


Most people mistakenly think that handling a repair job themselves saves them money. This isn’t always true. In reality, you might end up spending more, particularly if you do a shoddy job.

Instead, you can save money by hiring professionals. Contractors also usually purchase materials at a lower price than regular clients.

Longer-lasting Results

The best way to increase the longevity of your roller shutters is by conducting regular maintenance. On average, a roller shutter should last for at least 20 years, but this is impossible if you don’t take proper care of it. If you don’t want to be replacing your doors every few years, it’s wise to call in professionals for routine inspections.

Better Security

When they’re new, roller shutters act as a deterrent for potential burglars due to their robust design. However, lack of maintenance often weakens these structures, making your property more susceptible to break-ins. You can prevent such situations by hiring experts to oversee care.

Wrapping Up

Some of the common issues you might encounter if you have roller shutters installed in your property include difficulty in operation, noisiness, rusting, and so on. While some of these seem easy to fix, it’s always best to hire an expert. They have the tools and experience needed to do the repairs, and even better, they ensure that you comply with local building codes. Contact Maverick today to find out more about our servicing capabilities.

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