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The Difference between Security Door Grilles and Exterior Window Shutters

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Security is one of the most crucial factors to any person, whether you own a business or not. After all, nobody wants to lose a hard-earned investment to vandals. This is why more people are installing security door grilles and exterior window shutters on their properties. But, what’s the difference between the two? Read on to discover more.


Because doors are bigger than windows, grilles tend to be larger than window shutters. Both provide extra security to your premises. However, grilles have a frame-like design, whereas shutters are a sheet of metal that operates by pulling up or down, whether manually or electrically.

Additionally, shutters are available in either built-in or built-on designs. The former is perfect if you want a minimalist design, though it comes at an extra price. On the other hand, built-on shutters have a more traditional outlook. They’re the definition of what you would expect of a typical roller shutter.


Security grilles are more affordable than window shutters. The reason? Shutters have a more intricate design. They also use more material and are available as manual and electric models. Automated shutters are costly because they come with remote controls, manual overrides, and other valuable features. You can get an option that allows you to control it using a smartphone for the right price.


When it comes to variety, both grilles and roller shutters offer a broad range of choices. For instance, you can get perforated shutters, solid shutters, collapsible shutters, and so on. With grilles, you can choose your preferred style.

The most significant difference is that shutters offer more variety than grilles. What’s more, they are easier to customise.


The closed design of roller shutters means that they can provide insulation for your home. You don’t have to pay as much as you would to keep your home comfortable. When it’s hot, these structures keep the interiors cool, and during winter, you’ll remain warm.

Contrariwise, security grilles don’t have insulation properties. The amount you spend on air conditioning will likely remain the same, even after you install grilles.

Fire Resistance

Some modern roller shutters come with a fire retardant coating. This helps in preventing fire from destroying your belongings. If the fire starts inside, this feature contains it, ensuring that it doesn’t spread to nearby buildings until firefighters arrive.

On their part, security grilles aren’t of much help when a fire starts, and understandably so. They’re perforated, a design that allows flames to pass through easily. You need additional fire prevention measures if you choose to install grilles over shutters.

Protection Against Harsh Elements

Again, the design of security grilles makes your building more susceptible to damage from harsh weather. Think about this – can a perforated structure prevent strong winds?

On the contrary, roller shutters can protect your home from all kinds of adverse weather. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe, regardless of the weather in your region.

Final Words

There’s no denying that both guarantee enhanced security for your property, but roller shutters are by far more advantageous than security grilles. The significant difference between the two lies in their design. Shutters are more compact, a factor that makes them the better choice for homeowners and business people.

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