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Is a Grille or Shutter More Suitable for My Business?

Starting and running a business is expensive. Nobody wants to lose their hard-earned money to thieves, so many enterprises have grilles and roller shutters, CCTV cameras, and guards to improve security and deter potential theft. 

Often, business people find it challenging to choose between security grilles and roller shutters. Read on to discover their differences and which is the better option.


Security grilles are cheaper than roller shutters. Grilles are mostly manual, while some shutters are automated. This means shutters have many advanced features like remote control and manual override. You can purchase an operable shutter using your smartphone if you have the extra budget available.


Security grilles are made up of strong metal latticework fixed over a door or window, preventing thieves from breaking into your shop. People can still see inside your shop, allowing potential customers to see what’s on offer. The visibility also deters burglars because passers-by would see them stealing. However, it also means that thieves can spot valuable goods.

On the other hand, roller shutters consist of horizontal stainless steel slats. You can’t see through the shutters, which is an excellent deterrent against criminals. Unfortunately, roller shutters aren’t as aesthetically-pleasing as security grilles.

Fire Resistance

The open design of security grilles allows flames to pass through easily. In case of a fire, you’re likely to incur more damage if you don’t have alternative fire control measures.

Roller shutters protect against fire damage because they don’t have spaces between the slats. As a result, it takes a huge inferno to burn the metal and pass through the shutter into your goods. Also, modern units have a fire retardant coating that protects against flames. 


If your business is outside, you need proper insulation. Due to the spaces between the metalwork, lattices are unsuitable for outdoor standalone stores. In addition, the gaps allow air to pass through easily, meaning that when it’s cold outside, your business premises will be cold, and vice versa when it’s hot. As a result, a functional AC unit is a must-have.

Contrarily, roller shutters are excellent insulators. In winter, shutters keep you warm and, when it’s hot, these structures keep you cool. This reduces your reliance on your AC, resulting in lower electricity bills.

Weather Resistance

The perforated design of security grilles renders them useless against adverse weather conditions, such as windstorms and heavy rains. In addition, strong gusts blow debris that could shatter the doors behind the grilles.

On the contrary, roller shutters guarantee protection against harsh weather. If strong winds are approaching, all you need to do is roll down the shutter. It will block the gusts from blowing into your business, reducing breakages, mess and displaced items.

Final Words

Security grilles are appealing to the eye and cost less than roller shutters. However, they are inferior in many aspects. First, they offer little protection against harsh weather and fire. Secondly, they are poor insulators. More importantly, roller shutters are harder to break into than grilles. 

Security grilles can work for shops located inside shopping centres, but if you want to maximise the security of your business premises, you are better off with a roller shutter. Contact Maverick Roller Products today for amazing offers on security roller shutters.

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