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Roller Shutters vs. Traditional Window Protection Methods

Roller Shutters

Business owners have a responsibility to safeguard their assets. As windows and doorways create vulnerability, fortifying these access points is a priority for many companies. Traditionally, proprietors have relied on methods like metal grilles or barred windows. However, nowadays there is a far more secure and convenient option: commercial roller shutters. As the name suggests, roller shutters are made specifically for commercial premises. They provide sturdy protection yet roll up and down with ease.

Enhanced Protection and Security

The primary purpose of any window shutter or door protection system is to keep out intruders and vandals. Commercial roller shutters excel in this regard. When closed, they present a continuous barrier of aluminium slats, interlocked to maximise security. Attempting to cut through these heavy-duty shutters would be extremely difficult without power tools, and forcing them open when locked would also prove challenging. 

These shutters are more secure in their closed position than regular protections like metal grilles. The latter still has gaps that allow some visibility and access. In contrast, roller shutters form a complete, impenetrable shield. At Maverick Roller Products, we also offer the installation of clear polycarbonate slats interlocked with extruded aluminium slats for visibility when desired. However, most shutters we tailor remain opaque for maximum security.

Convenience and Aesthetics

Along with amped-up security, commercial roller shutters bring the convenience that traditional roller shutters and other window protections lack. Metal grilles must be manually placed and removed, and bards require similarly hands-on installation, often requiring multiple staff. 

In contrast, commercial roller shutters smoothly glide up and down at the press of a button, freeing employees up for more productive work. Simply roll down the shutters when closing the shop and reverse the process the next morning.

The smooth and speedy operation of commercial roller shutters also enhances customer experience, as no locked gate or clumsy traditional roller shutter delays entry and exit. Thus, they can come and go freely, with the shutters retracting swiftly. Clean, modern aluminium slats also lend a sleek, polished look in line with contemporary business aesthetics.

Low Maintenance and Durability

A traditional roller shutter or window shutter often demands regular maintenance to remain functional. Over time, hinges loosen, bars corrode, and frames buckle. Commercial roller shutters, on the other hand, need minimal upkeep since their key components, including electric motors and aluminium slats, are designed for longevity

Aluminium’s oxide coating creates natural resistance to corrosion and withstands exposure for decades with strength intact. Occasional cleaning is advisable, along with checks that slats remain aligned. Yet overall, roller shutters deliver reliable security and convenience year after year. 

Suitability for All Australian Enterprises

Whether it is an artisan coffee shop or local grocery store, Australian enterprises of every size can benefit from commercial roller shutters, as their customisable slat sizes enable a perfect fit regardless of opening dimensions and fit heights of up to 4200mm. 

Invest Wisely in Robust Protection

Intruders, accidents and weather events all pose risks for companies. Yet traditional windows shutter and door protections like a traditional roller shutter fail to alleviate these in full since outdated metal grilles remain vulnerable to attack while shattering glass endangers staff and customers. 

In choosing modern roller shutters, business owners mitigate risks around the clock. They also enhance convenience for staff and customers while delivering sleek aesthetics. With Maverick Roller Products leading the way, the time has come to explore intelligent security systems capable of answering all modern business challenges. To learn more about roller shutters or arrange a quote, contact us at 02 9755 4055. Our team looks forward to helping you protect what matters most.

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