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9 Advantages of Upgrading Your Business with Commercial Roller Shutters

Available in various materials and colours, commercial roller shutters are an ideal investment for any business, as they require low maintenance. Additionally, they are easy to operate while improving the overall appearance of your business premises.

If you want to upgrade your business, discover the advantages of installing commercial roller shutters below.

9 Advantages Of Installing Commercial Roller Shutters On Your Business Premises

Roller shutters are standard in the industrial business as door and window add-ons. You can install them as the store front, storage facility, or warehouse, and in commercial loading bays.

Most security roller shutters are made of steel, polycarbonate, or aluminium for heavy-duty use and can easily roll up or fold away. 

Besides safety during non-working hours and simple functionality, commercial roller shutters benefit your business. Below are various benefits these shutters will add to your premises.

1. Simple to use

The ideal roller shutters for your business will be easy to use. Opening and closing only require a quick roll, saving you time to push in and out a large door manually. The technician will explain how to use this simple feature during installation effectively.

2. Safety

Unlike heavy commercial doors that may close unexpectedly, some roller shutters have a visible start and stop button to prevent sudden movement. Alternatively, one can install an alarm to signal users when the shutters are opening and closing.

3. Privacy

When a roller shutter is down, people cannot see what is happening inside your business. Your privacy is guaranteed whether you are closed for the day or require a few minutes to rearrange products. This works particularly well for storefronts that need privacy during renovations or stock take.

4. Discourage intruders

Any intruder thinking of breaking into your business premises will think twice when they find aluminium roller shutters. Access is not straightforward for thieves or animals, as the access points remain secure throughout.

5. Security

For extra security, you can bolt commercial roller shutters from the outside and inside, depending on your preference.

6. Protection from harsh weather

For areas that experience strong winds and heavy rains, roller shutters can protect your business premises from the elements. Besides glass breakage, they will protect your store from water damage saving you the cost of replacing windows and wooden doors.

7. Occupy less space

Unlike traditional doors that use a lot of space to open and close, roller shutters roll up, requiring minimal space. It will save space to make your premises appear larger and store more items.

8. Protection from fire

Aluminium roller shutters help stop the spread of fire, unlike wooden doors that will burn quickly.

9. Long-term investment

Although the initial installation of commercial roller shutters is costly, it will save you money in the long run. They require little maintenance, and also last many years. You’ll be at peace knowing that your business is secure.


Apart from the above-listed advantages, commercial roller shutters give your customers a solid first impression of your business. It shows that you value and maintain modern security methods and that your business premise is safe. 

If you are shopping for security roller shutters for your business, contact Maverick Roller Products. Our experts will help you choose and install the best roller shutters to suit your business.

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