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What Should I Do If Someone Graffitis On My Roller Shutters?

Graffitis On Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are undeniably valuable, offering a range of benefits for property owners. Yet, even the most robust roller shutters can face challenges that tarnish their appeal. Unfortunately, some individuals see them as an open canvas for displaying their illegal artwork. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through essential tips for maintaining your roller shutters, covering everything from graffiti removal techniques to the legal considerations surrounding this form of artistic expression. Discover how to preserve the functionality and aesthetics of your roller shutters in the face of these unique challenges.

Best Methods for Removing Roller Shutter Graffiti 

Unfortunately, removing graffiti on surfaces is a tedious and frustrating task. The following are workable tips to ease the task.

Invest in preventive measures

Some protective products can coat the roller shutters’ surface. These stop the graffiti paint from sticking to the shutters, making it easier to clean or remove.

Another precaution is investing in security measures such as alarm systems and surveillance cameras. These could go some way in discouraging vandalism and in identifying those involved.

Consider the quality of graffiti paint used

Some graffiti paints, just like roller shutters, are made to last. They contain chemicals that make them indelible. Any method of removing roller shutter graffiti in such a case can only fade the stain. The outcome is an unrecognisable yet visible stain that defaces the roller shutter.

Other graffiti vandals use a mix of sprays and inks. Spray paints are either oil-based or water-based. The water-based ones and cheap paints come off easily. However, enamel paint and marker pens require considerable effort to tackle.

Temporary graffiti paint will come off with standard cleaning procedures. Otherwise, permanent graffiti requires professional intervention to bring back the glory of roller shutters. 

Protect the surfaces during cleaning

Remember to protect surrounding surfaces such as painted walls and wood due to their vulnerability to solvents. Some solvents dissolve plastics. Abrasive cleaning materials can also fade the roller shutter, take off its undercoat, or erode the roller shutter surface.

Therefore, the choice of cleaning methods and chemicals should consider the consequent appearance and integrity of the roller shutter and surrounding structure.

Reagents for removing roller shutter graffiti

Effective reagents for removing roller shutter graffiti are solvents that dissolve paint. Examples include alcohols, glycol ethers, and ketones. They are of the oxygenated group.

Solvents vary in solvency power. For instance, paraffin is a hydrocarbon solvent with high solvency power. Since strong solvents dissolve ink and paint, take caution that they could remove the roller shutter’s paint while getting rid of the graffiti.

To avoid such damage, test the solvent on a small area of the defaced surface to confirm its saturation power. Also, avoid over-saturating the stain to prevent the shutter’s paint from fading under the graffiti. Consider the following recommendations for solvents for different graffiti:

  • Methylene Chloride

This solvent is the product of choice for removing roller shutter graffiti. Professional graffiti cleaning products contain methylene chloride as the active ingredient. Paint removers that contain it are the most effective for graffiti removal. 

Professionals use it to remove graffiti on surfaces such as tunnels, walls, and road signs. Leaving the product to sit on the stain for up to half an hour gives the best results.

  • Naphtha

Naptha is a strong petroleum solvent that removes hardened paint.

  • White spirits of mineral spirits

These are also called paint thinners. They are readily available, easy to use, and affordable. However, do not bet on them to remove stubborn paint, as they work best on fresh paint.

  • Acetone or lacquer thinner

Acetone is one of the best options for erasing graffiti because it softens and dissolves most paints. Due to its potency, it requires caution when applying it on some roller shutters. It dissolves vinyl or plastic, so use it carefully on such surfaces.

  • Isopropyl alcohol

This alcohol-based solvent is common in many domestic and commercial settings. It is relatively harmless and easy to use. It removes pesky stains from shoe polish, paint, and ink. Those qualities make it an effective solution for removing graffiti done with markers.

Cleaning materials for defaced roller shutters

Besides solvents, the stain might need some help, especially if it takes too long or fails to lift off. Some domestic abrasive scrubbers and cleaning powder coupled with elbow grease often bring satisfactory results. Wear protective gear when cleaning. It will reduce the implications of exposure to solvent chemicals and the messy cleaning process.

  •       Timing is of essence

Although there are proven products for removing dried graffiti, using the correct product before the graffiti paint dries and settles matters. Attack the graffiti as fast as possible.

Paint it New

The graffiti might be a good excuse to repaint the roller shutter. The shutter could have seen better days, or the graffiti-removing procedure took the roller shutter’s shine some notches down. Repainting covers the graffiti, eliminating the arduous task of removing roller shutter graffiti.

It improves curb appeal. With the right choice of colours and painting techniques, repainted roller shutters will make the building pop. The painting also covers the damage caused by rust, scratches, and mould.

The painted surface adds to the durability of the roller shutter and seals the shutter’s surface. It reduces further damage by the ravages of the elements, such as rain and moisture. 

Legalities in Resolving Roller Shutter Graffiti Vandalism

Some insurance companies offer cover to replace or undertake repairs of vandalised property, including graffiti. Reporting the vandalism to the authorities for investigation is another option when seeking legal solutions.

Upon arrest of the culprits, they face charges for property damage. The law requires them to compensate the complainant or foot the costs of removing roller shutter graffiti.

Lasting Solution to Roller Shutter Graffiti Effects

Enhancing the security of a property can protect it from malicious damage through graffiti. It is also prudent to stay updated on the best cleaning, maintenance, and upgrading methods for roller shutters. 

Understanding your rights as a property owner will also help you to know when and where to seek legal redress when aggrieved. It also helps to know when to explore professional support to address the removal of roller shutter graffiti.

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