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Enhancing Style And Function With Modern Outdoor Shutters

modern outdoor shutter

Outdoor shutters have been a mainstay of architectural design for years, and today’s modern exterior shutters offer many benefits beyond bespoke aesthetics. They are the epitome of advanced architectural technology in function and style. Outdoor shutter installation is an embellishing finishing touch that adds character to mundane buildings’ exteriors. As we shall see below, there are unique ways of using modern outdoor shutters for style and functionality.

The Face of the Modern Outdoor Shutters: Flamboyant Charm and Functionality

Modern outdoor shutters offer plenty of options in outdoor shutter styles. The right shutter design enhances a building’s appearance, giving it an upscale look that property owners seek for an edge on the market.

An appropriate shutter design enhances the building’s style and décor theme. Since outdoor shutters are expensive and long-term installations, it is important to choose the best design and functionality from the start. This will help avoid disappointments and losses resulting from poor choices in shutter selection and installation.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Shutter 

This is easier than it sounds and begins with style. The following are quick tips on picking outdoor shutters that will suit your building and needs:

Identify a core shutter design

Though there are many shutter designs, they come off a core style. The core design depends on the functionality of the shutter. For that, the main shutter style ideas are:

  • Board and Batten (BnB)
  • Panelled
  • Bermuda
  • Louvred

Manufacturers customise those outdoor shutter styles using unique features, and buyers often have the option of ordering custom features for their shutters. Consider whether the shutter design should blend with the building design or pop. Note, though, that any shutter will make a building stand out.

Match the shutter design to the design of the building

Customisation defines how well shutters dress a building. Furthermore, the building’s architecture guides the choice of shutter design. It follows that no shutters hang the same. We see that below in the matching of the shutter design to the home style:

  • Board and Batten

The popular BnB shutter design is a simple creation. Yet it flawlessly exudes rustic and traditional charm. The shutter consists of three boards held together with a horizontal cross panel. The laid-back design matches Cape Cod, cottage, and ranch house designs, equally jazz up Mediterranean and French country architecture.

  • Louvred shutters

The Louvred shutter design is a low-key and common one with angled slats. Many people prefer them because they allow light and air to pass through. The versatile style allows shutter installation on the second floor of homes that works best in achieving a casual, classical, or ornate style.

Consider the Louvred outdoor shutters for architectural designs themed around Victorian and Georgian buildings. They also suit Greek Revival, ranch, Colonial and Federal, and Cape Cod building styles.

  • Bermuda or Bahama shutters

These are also louvred shutters. However, outdoor shutter installation requirements class them as top-of-the-window accessories. That means installers fix them at the top of the window and not on the sides. They look fantastic on farm, Cape Cod, and cottage architectural designs.

  • Panelled shutters

Raised panel shutters are a low-profile shutter design and blend well with any building style. This versatile outdoor shutter style looks like cabinet doors. It has a double or single raised panel. It brings out the best of French Country, Cape Cod, Georgian, and Ranch home styles. Consider this panelled external shutter installation for Victorian, Colonial, and Federal building designs.

Choice of shutter material for style and functionality

The following tips will help you maximize the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor shutters:

  • The value of the right outdoor shutter material

The choice of material for shutters determines their functionality, beauty, cost, and durability. An option like synthetic foam provides excellent insulation, enabling buildings to retain heat. They are fire and water-resistant, and they look like wood.

Basswood, poplar, and pine are popular wood choices for shutters. Many choose them for aesthetics, as wood has limitless options for painting and staining. While wood shutters are expensive, their lightness makes them ideal for most designs.

Faux wood is a cheaper alternative to wood. Its stiffness lends it well for the manufacturing and installation of big shutters. It is easier to shape, making it versatile for shutter production in various shapes and colours. 

  • Hardware for the Shutters

Shutter hardware includes holdbacks and hinges. Outdoor shutter installation lingo refers to holdbacks as dogs. They are metal accessories like fasteners. These keep the shutter from closing and opening, enhance security and ease the operation of the shutter. 

Shutter hardware reduces incidences of injury when operating, opening or shutting shutters. It eliminates damage and functionality of a shutter due to slamming or jamming. Some shutter hardware only creates the illusion of making immobile shutters look operable.

The shutter hardware serves both decorative and functional purposes. There are wood shutters, metal shutters, and composite shutters. Hinges allow shutter panels to swing to open or close. For immobile or fixed shutters, strap hinges serve as embellishments and enhance shutter appeal. Many strap hinges are decorative, serving no functional purpose on fixed shutters.

True, shutter designs may not offer much versatility. But the choice of hinges and shutter dogs adds character, giving the installation a bespoke touch. You can add a tieback for another custom stamp on your shutter choice. Tiebacks hold shutters when open, so they do not swing shut.

Outdoor shutters placement and size

Proper measurement of walls and windows for outdoor shutter installation is crucial as it can make or obliterate your project. Consult a professional shutter designer and installer for advice. Some factors to consider are the closeness of the windows and their size. 


The installers can also advise on your options for sliding or stationary shutters. There are options for full-sized outdoor shutters or half ones. Shutter sizes depend on the size of the window and it is wise to view catalogues on suppliers’ websites for unique placement styles. Such placements include slanted shutters and stacked shutters.

Smart outdoor shutters 

Modern outdoor shutters use electricity and automation in their operations. They have motors that run their shutting and opening. Others have automated operations that schedule when and how far to open or shut them.

Curb Appeal: Shutters Make The Difference 

Outdoor shutters dress up walls and enhance a building’s appeal. Beyond their beauty, they have many benefits for a property owner such as improving the quality of life for the occupants. Shutters will make your building pop, and people will stop, take another look and remember it. Do you wish to explore outdoor shutter installation for your commercial or domestic building? Call us today for a quote. We offer accredited and affordable shutter installation and maintenance products and services. 


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