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Which Roller Shutters Have the Best Visual Appearance?

Shutters are gaining popularity in domestic and commercial premises. Besides guaranteeing security, these structures are now better looking. In the past, many property owners didn’t consider shutters because of their poor aesthetics. However, this has changed and continues to improve.

Roller shutters can improve your premises’ aesthetic if done right. However, a poor shutter choice can make a home or a business look miserable. Therefore, it is best to consult a seasoned exterior designer. However, some shutter styles work on almost any building.

Here’s a breakdown of different shutter types, their pros and cons and how they affect your building’s aesthetic appeal.

Aluminum Roller Shutters

Aluminium rollers are arguably the most common roller shutter type. It is the most preferred material for domestic and commercial applications.

Aluminium is tough and robust, ensuring that burglars don’t have an easy time breaking into your property. It’s lighter than steel, which makes it easy to operate the roller shutter. More importantly, aluminium is rust-resistant. In addition, it retains its structure, even when exposed to moisture.

Another thing that sets aluminium apart from its competitors is durability. Aluminium roller shutters can last up to 30 years if well maintained.

Regarding aesthetics, aluminium is one of the best-looking materials. Its silvery appearance means you don’t have to paint it to make it beautiful. For this reason, it works well for any building type.

The only drawback of aluminium shutters is expensiveness. You have to spend hundreds of dollars more than you would use to buy other shutter types. However, they make up for it with the abovementioned advantages.

Polycarbonate Roller Shutters

If you don’t like aluminium or metallic shutters, consider polycarbonate. Polycarbonate roller shutters are made from composite thermoplastics. As a result, they have high impact resistance, despite originating from plastic.

The most significant advantage of polycarbonate shutters is transparency, which contributes to their aesthetic appeal. In addition, these shutters allow passersby to see what’s on the shelves for business owners, which encourages people to enter the store and purchase items. 

In domestic settings, transparent shutters have several benefits. First, they allow light penetration, creating an illusion of space. Secondly, they blend well with existing décor – introducing a coloured shutter can disrupt your colour palette, forcing you to make changes.

Additionally, polycarbonate shutters are sturdy. They can withstand high-impact forces, protecting your property against potential break-ins and harsh weather conditions.

On the downside, the transparency of polycarbonate shutters can make your property a target. For example, criminals walking among the prospective buyers are likely to break into your store because they can see your stock. Likewise, burglars are more likely to break into your home if you have transparent polycarbonate shutters.

Also, polycarbonate is highly susceptible to scratches. This can hurt their appearance, especially if installed in a high-traffic area.

The Best Shutter Styles

Roller shutters come in different styles. The three most common types are traditional, louvred, and plantation shutters.

Traditional Shutters

Traditional shutters are the most common shutter style. Also called New England shutters, these shutters comprise several horizontal slats running the length of the window or door.

Traditional shutters enhance security by deterring would-be burglars. The block-out design is also good for privacy and insulation. However, their setup leaves little room for beautification. All you can do is paint with bold colours. For these reasons, traditional shutters have the lowest aesthetic appeal.

Louvred Shutters

Louvred shutters are an improvement of traditional shutters and boast a better aesthetic appeal. Instead of having a solid panel with a block-out design, they have space between the slats. These spaces allow air to flow inside, creating relaxed and comfortable conditions. More importantly, louvred shutters are easier on the eye than traditional shutters.

Although louvred shutters are typical in modern homes, they also work for contemporary buildings. In contemporary designs, louvred shutters serve as a transitional design element. This is especially true if the slats have varying widths.

On the downside, louvred shutters are expensive. The open design also doesn’t guarantee the utmost privacy.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters were first used in the United States. They are an excellent way to diversify your building and give it a new outlook. Despite having a simple structural design, these shutters are great at keeping buildings insulated and ventilated.

Plantation shutters have more expansive spaces between slats than louvred shutters. This design makes them perfect for big windows and doors since the flaps are adjustable, and it’s easy to regulate light penetration.

Additionally, plantation shutters have several aesthetic and practical benefits. The clean lines of the horizontal slats make spaces brighter and fresher. These shutters also provide relative privacy and are easy to maintain. You can also update them to add features like fire, warp, and water resistance.

If you desire total privacy, plantation shutters won’t meet your needs. You can close the louvres, but you won’t have complete obscurity from the outside world.


Roller shutters make the perfect addition to your domestic or commercial premises regarding beauty, convenience, practicality, and style.

Aluminium shutters are popular because they blend beauty with functionality. Their silvery appearance eliminates the need for painting, while their robustness guarantees enhanced security and longevity. But, on the downside, they are expensive.

On the other hand, polycarbonate shutters have an attractive outlook but don’t compromise security. They mainly work well on commercial premises by allowing prospective buyers to see your inventory. In homes, they allow natural light to penetrate. However, this benefit could also spur criminals into attacking your premises.

Regarding styles, you can choose between traditional and louvred shutters. The former offers more security and privacy but isn’t appealing to the eye. Conversely, louvred designs are eye-catching but expensive and not so private.

Ultimately, your building’s design dictates what’s best for you. If your building is traditional, you’ll be better off with a conventional shutter. For those with modern structures, choose louvred shutters made using polycarbonate.

If you are second-guessing yourself choosing the right shutter, contact our team at Maverick Roller Products, and we will guide you accordingly. 

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