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Different Types of Domestic Shutters

Security is vital for every homeowner. After all, nobody wants to lose their hard-earned money or possessions to criminals. Therefore, you will need the best equipment such as CCTV cameras and heavy-duty roller shutters to keep your home safe.

Like cameras, roller shutters secure your home by deterring potential burglars. Many types are available depending on your budget, desired aesthetic and how secure you need them to be.

Read on to discover the different roller shutters available.

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Aluminium rollers are made using high-quality fabricated aluminium. These are available as single or double sheets. The most significant benefits of aluminium sheets are erosion resistance, lightweight, and attractiveness.

Unlike steel and most metallic shutters, aluminium is much quieter to operate while also being highly durable. Also, the material requires little maintenance.

Manual Roller Shutters

As the name suggests, these shutters require manual operation. They have a mechanised motor connected to a handle to adjust, close, and open the panel.

Manual shutters are cheaper than electric units because they operate manually, whereas the latter needs electricity. For this reason, they’re a standard option for people who want more security at a low budget.

On the other hand, electric shutters are the better choices if you want convenience without minding an extra cost. Regardless, both options guarantee increased security for your home.

Electric Roller Shutters

As mentioned above, electric units are more expensive than manual shutters. They also need more maintenance. However, they guarantee more convenience.

You can adjust, close, and open the shutter with only a push of a button. It’s a straightforward process that requires little effort. Even better, you can connect the motor to solar panels to save energy while reducing your electricity bill.

Window Roller Shutters

If you want maximum privacy, purchasing block-out window roller shutters is wise. These have a solid panel that blocks the outside, so passers-by can’t see inside when closed.

Domestic window shutters guarantee privacy throughout the day. In addition, if you work night shifts, these shutters keep light and noise away, allowing you to get adequate rest. As a result, you can report energised and ready to work for your next shift.

Transparent Alfresco Roller Shutters

The perforated design of transparent roller shutters allows light and sound to penetrate. It’s aesthetically pleasing, making it ideal for your alfresco walls. These shutters are retractable, allowing you to adjust them to correspond to the prevailing weather conditions.

Built-In Roller Shutters

Built-in roller shutters are fixed on the installation surface. You can see the rails and shutter boxes below the door and window frames.

Aesthetics are crucial in the rails and shutter boxes because they’re visible. Furthermore, these shutters are easy to install, making them cheap.

How to Choose the Right Roller Shutter

There are several roller shutter types because none excels at everything. Instead, your needs determine the best option for your application. Sometimes, you may compromise on some features to find a shutter that meets your budget and needs.

Fortunately, you can purchase different roller shutter types on the same property. Generally, manual shutters are cheaper than electric units, while aluminium guarantees the best security.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of your needs, there’s a roller shutter perfect for you. Maverick Roller Shutters have a broad product range, suitable for every budget, different applications, and various materials.

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