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How Roller Shutters Can Protect Your Home During A Storm

As storms batter Australian homes with fierce winds, heavy rain, and flying debris, investing in robust home security shutters becomes a highly effective solution to protect your assets from seasonal threats. The following passages detail how modern roller shutter systems guard against every major storm threat – from lashing winds to penetrating rain – to keep your family safe.

The Benefits of Roller Shutters During Storms

Constructed of interlocking slats usually made from aluminium, steel, or PVC, roller shutters have long been appreciated for their qualities in home protection thanks to their durability against storms. Here’s why these shutters are so effective at handling extreme weather events:

Wind Resistance

When winds reach damaging speeds during a storm, roller shutters stand strong, as the interlocking slat design and durable materials protect your windows or doors from blowing open or shattering due to high winds.

Water Resistance  

Intense rain and storm surges can quickly lead to water intrusion and flooding. Thankfully, a commercial-grade weather resistance shutter provides exceptional water detention since the snug closure prevents driving rain from seeping into the house.

Flying Debris Protection

From loose roof tiles to uprooted trees and fences, debris flies rapidly during powerful storms. Home security shutters provide a sturdy barrier by stopping loose objects from penetrating windows and doors.

Hail Protection

Hailstones can easily shatter glass when swirled around by high winds during a storm. Roller shutters absorb and deflect the impact of hailstones, preventing glass breakage and damage to doors and windows even during golf ball-sized hail.

Roll-Down Convenience

Unlike permanent storm shutters, home security shutters conveniently retract overhead when not in use, allowing natural light to enter your home while preserving its architectural features. Roll the weather-resistant shutter down when storms approach for quick protection.  

Other Benefits of Investing in Roller Shutters

Beyond storm resistance, today’s advanced home protection shutters provide a wide range of value for Australian homeowners:

Enhanced Safety and Security 

The durable, interlocking design deters intruders from entering. The shutters also block views into the home for enhanced privacy.

Lower Energy Bills  

The insulation properties offered by weather-resistance shutters can reduce air conditioning costs in summer. By trapping cold air inside during winter, they can lower heating bills.

Increased Resale Value  

Installing quality home security shutters can significantly boost property resale value. Furthermore, home protection can reduce insurance costs in storm-prone regions.

Factors to Consider for Storm Protection

If you are thinking of investing in roller shutters to guard your home against extreme weather, keep these recommendations in mind:

Installation Method

Choose an experienced professional installer to ensure the shutters are securely attached to the wall or window framing for maximum wind resistance. 

Quality Materials

Commercial-grade extruded aluminium slats provide the best protection and durability. Avoid plastic shutters prone to cracking under pressure.

Warranty Coverage

Opt for the longest coverage available. All window shutters at Maverick Roller Products come with a 10-year warranty on materials and performance to protect your investment. 

Ready to Protect Your Home with Roller Shutters this Storm Season?

Investing in a quality shutter system tailored for your home is the best way to minimise storm damage risks this coming cyclone, flood, or bushfire season.

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