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Why DIY Isn’t Always the Best Option and How to Find a Trusted Installer

DIY roller shutter installation

Investing in window roller shutters will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and increase its overall value, but the shutters also provide advantages that improve the comfort and security of yourself and your family. With benefits like insulation, noise reduction, storm protection, and deterring potential intruders, it is understandable why these sturdy aluminium slats are in such high demand amongst Australian homeowners looking to upgrade their living spaces. However, professional installation by a trusted installer is key to ensuring the shutters function optimally and provide lasting value.

Here is why making roller shutter installation a DIY project is not the ideal option, as well as some tips on finding qualified installation services in your area to enjoy your new investment for many years.

The risks of DIY installation  

While potentially saving on labour costs, trying to install roller shutters in a DIY project can sometimes turn into a costly mistake. The temptation of gaining new skills when engaging in do-it-yourself projects may compromise your safety if you do not possess adequate expertise. If you don’t have the necessary knowledge and skills, what appears to be a simple task in the beginning may lead to an installation that looks unprofessional and compromises functionality and the product’s longevity.

For example, if the pelmet boxes that conceal the shutters when not in use are not mounted securely above the windows, they could fall off the wall and cause severe injury. And if the shutters are not appropriately fitted in the opening, they may get stuck on the sides and be unable to raise and lower smoothly. 

Thus, not engaging a seasoned professional for roller shutters and underestimating the complexity involved in installation can turn out quite costly, as fixing errors such as misaligned rollers, unprecise measurements, or inadequate sealing can result in additional expenses, wasted effort and frustration. 

Another consideration to make before you install window roller shutters by yourself is the warranty by the manufacturer. Usually covering product defects and malfunctions, these warranties require qualified installation services. If you opt for the DIY route and encounter any issues later on, you may void your warranty, leaving you responsible for any repair or replacement costs.

While the allure of DIY is undeniable, and completing challenging craft projects on your own can be a rewarding experience, hiring a professional service is sometimes the better choice, and window roller shutters are definitely home improvement products which are best set up by experts.

Benefits of engaging a service technician

Hiring a trusted installer eliminates the risks, frustrations and headache of potential mistakes and, most importantly, saves you time. Due to professional training and experience in installing various roller products in different homes over their careers, qualified installation services have the expertise to competently handle all aspects of the process while avoiding common pitfalls amateur DIYers often face. Furthermore, they spare you the hassles of a lengthy preparation as they have the right equipment and materials on hand to efficiently complete high-quality work and eliminate your stresses. With the help of a specialised craftsman, your roller shutter investment will be safely installed and smooth to operate.

How to choose a trusted installer

Due to the shortage of skilled workers, finding and selecting a reputable service technician in your area can sometimes take a lot of work. Still, it is a crucial first step for ensuring your new home improvement project yields optimal results. Before committing to an installer, you want to make sure the company consistently delivers superb craftsmanship and impeccable service. Hence, you should take the time to conduct thorough research using trusted sources to gain insights on reliability, quality of service, expertise and professionalism.

Here are some tips for identifying the right installer to help you set up your new roller shutters:

  1. Seek advice from acquaintances who have had roller products installed. Speaking to friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues can offer valuable insights based on their experiences with reliability and quality with local installers. Their first-hand accounts are invaluable.
  1. Explore online customer reviews on various platforms and websites to assess installer reputation and dependability in your area. Unfiltered feedback from past clients posted online can provide transparency regarding the quality of service, professionalism, timelines and attention to detail on previous work.
  1. Reach out to multiple installers to obtain project quotes. Compare at least three bids from different contractors in terms of pricing, specific services provided, estimated timelines and warranties in order to make an informed decision based on all factors.
  1. Confirm the credentials such as licensing, insurance and qualifications of the installer before hiring to verify they have met the state requirements and have the proper training to install domestic roller shutter systems expertly. Valid credentials indicate professionalism and reliability.
  1. Inquire about the step-by-step process and the entire schedule for the project. Skilled service providers will gladly provide thorough information about their work procedures for measurement, setup, tuning, and calibration to guarantee the best outcome.
  1. Ask about any warranties offered. Reputable professionals stand by their work, and many provide up to 10-year warranties for their work and quality products should issues arise after the installation.
  1. Request photos of previous work or ask to visit completed projects if possible. Being able to inspect their finished work may allow you to evaluate the thoroughness and aesthetic quality of their craftsmanship.

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