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4 Crucial Steps to Prepare Your Home for Storm Season

Thunderstorm clouds over suburban houses

If you are a resident in an area prone to storms and other harsh weather conditions, it’s essential to design your home to be safe from such events. Having suitable anti-storm structures helps you minimise losses from natural hazards. It also makes it easier to claim compensation from insurance companies.

The following are valuable tips on preparing your home for the storm season.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Take time to read and understand your home insurance policy, focusing on what it takes to file a claim. Many policies have exclusions, and you often need to pay extra money to get some coverage.

For instance, your policy might have a separate storm deductible different from your legal claim. Contacting your insurance company to review your policy before a natural disaster is a good idea. If you need additional coverage, you can purchase them in time.

Gather Emergency Supplies

You’ll need supplies to keep your family safe and healthy during and after the storm. Storms can cause water and power outages. In addition, they might block or damage roads, making it impossible to drive.

It’s crucial to gather emergency supplies when anticipating a storm. Some of the items you need include food, water, medicine, and flashlights. You must also carry safety equipment and essential documents like academic certificates, medical records, identification cards, passports, and wills.

Secure Your Home

Since you can’t escape with your home, it makes sense to secure it in the best way possible. You can do this by improving the house and its surroundings.

Start by cutting any weak branches and trees that could fall on your house. Ensure you trim any shrubs close to your home. If your yard has gravel or rocks, replace them with fire-resistant material to reduce potential damage. 

Next, clean the gutters to prevent any chances of roof destruction and flooding inside the house. Check on the doors, windows, and areas where cables and water pipes pass for openings that could allow any water leakage. Seal the openings using urethane-based caulk. 

Lastly, make upgrades to protect your home against storms. Install high-quality steel roller shutters on all external doors and windows. These have a robust design that prevents strong gusts from damaging your property.

Make An Evacuation Plan

If the relevant authorities recommend it, you might need to evacuate from your home during a storm. It’s vital to have a solid evacuation plan. The plan should include where you will go, what to carry, how to get there, and how to keep your family and property safe.

If you live in a high-risk area, it’s a good idea to have a plan, even if the local authorities are yet to issue a warning. Ensure you include your pets in the plan – if the area is unsafe for humans, it’s also dangerous to pets.

Wrapping Up

While storms are unpreventable, you can mitigate their effects by securing your home and having a sound evacuation plan. Knowing this can help you get through every storm season without massive losses.

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