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How Domestic Roller Shutters Can Help Protect your Home Against the Elements

The extreme weather conditions in Australia can make it challenging to maintain a comfortable environment in your home. Keeping your home cool in summer, warm in winter and well lit all year round is a costly exercise. Shutters provide a low cost yet highly effective method of keeping you safe from the elements. Read on if you would like to know more about how shutters can protect your home.

What are Shutters?

Shutters are horizontal slate panels attached to a frame on both ends. The panels overlap each other on a parallel array from the top to the bottom of the frame. Shutters can be fixed or retractable to suit various applications. You can use shutters on doors, windows, air vents and storefronts.

Shutters have the versatility to control the impact of natural elements in your home. They can also provide security, privacy and increase the aesthetic value of your home. Below are four ways that shutters can offer protection from the elements.

i. Storm protection
ii. Safe Ventilation
iii. Light control
iv. Insulation

i. Storm protection

Exterior window shutters can protect your home from strong winds, hurricanes and storm damage. The shutter panels break the force of the wind hitting your windows and doors. The flexible shutter panels can move around on the hinges to dissipate the forces of the wind.

Shutters are essential for buildings in coastal areas and regions prone to storms and hurricanes. Quality shutters can protect you from loss of property, extensive damage and injuries due to broken glass.

ii. Safe Ventilation

It is challenging to ventilate your home naturally without letting dust and strong gusts in your house. Shutters enable you to ventilate your home safely. By tilting the shutter panels, you can also enhance the air circulation in your rooms while keeping the dust outside.

The tilted shutters let the hot air out and cool air into your room simultaneously. The free air circulation also prevents the accumulation of moisture and the formation of mould in your home. Quality shutters are wind resistant, long-lasting and reliable.

iii. Light Control

Domestic roller shutters enable you to control the flow of natural light into your home. You can let maximum light into your room by retracting the roller shutters. You can also tilt the panels at various angles to regulate the light intensity in your room.

Adjustable shutter panels allow you to light your room without opening your windows. They let the light into the room while keeping the wind, heat and rain out. Using natural light in your rooms can lower your electricity bills significantly.

iv. Insulation

Lower your utility bills further with exterior roller shutters for windows. Roller shutters have excellent insulation properties. They can prevent heat transmission into or out of your home through your glass doors and windows.

These shutters enhance the thermal efficiency of your home and reduce the need for central heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. As such, high-quality roller shutters can help you save money.

In addition to protecting your home from the elements, shutters improve security. Home security shutters are effective at preventing vandalism and burglary. If your region is prone to break-ins, consider installing security roller shutters to keep you safe from the elements and criminals.

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