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The Eco Benefits Of Installing Window Shutters

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There is a rising need for people to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles by reducing their carbon footprint and conserving the environment by limiting the consumption of resources and the creation of pollution. Window shutters have made their mark for eco benefits in homes and other premises. Here we assess how exterior window shutters contribute to successfully adopting green energy solutions:


Window shutters last significantly longer than curtains. Most manufacturers use high-quality materials to make window shutters. They undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure their consistent performance and longevity.

Due to that durability, they seldom need replacement as it takes a long time before an owner discards or replaces them. By reducing their disposal rates, window shutters lessen the amount of waste or rubbish ending up in landfills.

Window shutters regulate a building’s temperature

Houses lose up to a fifth of their internal heat through their windows. Shutters enhance a house’s insulation by preventing it from losing heat through convection, where warm air escapes through the windows and cold air enters.  

Therefore, having shutters in place means there is a marked reduction in the carbon footprint from heating needs. Exterior window shutters also let in sunlight and ventilate a room, potentially reducing the cost of lighting and ventilation.

They use eco-friendly materials

Other than making durable shutters that do not contribute to garbage build-up as they do not need disposal and replacement, some manufacturers now produce eco shutters. These window shutters are made of planet-friendly materials like wood, recycled timber, bamboo, cork, and fabric. Hardwood takes the lead as a favourite for making sustainable shutters.

The companies producing them have reforestation programs to replace the forest cover lost in harvesting timber to make the shutters.

They also require certification for sustainable forest management to attract buyers intending to have eco-friendly buildings. 

Window shutters require little maintenance

Although roller shutters for windows accumulate dust, dirt, and grime, all they need is an occasional dusting down or wiping with a damp cloth. Once they are clean and dry, you can grease any parts that are rusty to prevent wear down.

Curtains and blinders, on the other hand, require more rigorous cleaning with water and soap, dry cleaning, or machine washing. These cleaning procedures and chemicals used, unlike those for shutters, have more of an overall environmental impact.

Better Natural lighting

One of the main advantages of shutters is their ability to regulate light. Window shutters control the amount of light getting into a building without cutting it off entirely. This reduces the need for extra artificial lighting in a premise. In turn, home or business owners enjoy lower power bills.

Choose Eco-friendly Shutters

Window shutters bring eco benefits, including energy efficiency and improved waste management. They reduce your environmental impact while saving you money in the long run. At Maverick Roller Products, we understand the need to reduce your environmental footprint through eco-friendly solutions. Contact us today for a quote on the supply and installation of eco-friendly shutters.

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