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Help to Keep Your Business Safe with Roller Shutters

Roller shutters for your business security

If you own a brick and mortar business then you’ll know how important it is to protect your premises when you’re not there. Roller shutters help to achieve this. They are suitable for shop fronts, serving booths, counters, and shopping centres, and can either be installed internally or externally.

The most commonly used roller shutters for business purposes are provided in more detail below.


Roller Shutters for Security

Security roller shutters are popular for protecting both commercial and domestic property. They protect against vandalism, and also act as an effective deterrent to those thinking of causing damage to your business. They are installed wall-to-wall and are usually operated electronically. Security roller shutters are typically found in distribution centres and warehouses.


Roller Shutters for Commercial Premises

While frequently produced using aluminium, commercial roller shutters are often constructed from galvanised steel. This is so that they fare better in inclement weather, lessening the risk of rust damage. Commercial roller shutters are suitable for a wide range of purposes and are commonly seen adorning shop and restaurant fronts.


Roller Shutters for Industrial Premises

Industrial roller shutters are often tailored to measure and used on a larger scale. They are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes and frequently display a glossy, professional look. They tend to have enhanced security with extra precautionary features, such as, additional locking mechanisms and security devices. Industrial roller shutter can usually be installed internally or externally and are employed for the purposes of preventing break-ins and damage.


Insulated Roller Shutters

Insulated roller shutters are ideal if you’re looking for a model that will help you conserve energy. This type of roller shutter offers a high level of protection against weather elements in addition to the enhanced security. As an added bonus, they are also useful for blocking out high levels of noise. Insulated roller shutter are commonly found in such settings as factories, automotive businesses and warehouses.


Roller Shutters to Protect Against Fire

Fire roller shutters are advisable if your business deals with flammable goods and materials. This type of shutter is designed to provide protection on either side, whether it be internal or external. They are flame and heat resistant and particularly suitable for openings that are designated as escape exits. Fire roller shutters are particularly useful on retail and industrial premises.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, roller shutters can help to elevate the level of safety and security of your premises. Whether you’re looking for enhanced protection against the elements or impertinent human beings there will be a roller shutter suitable for your needs.

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