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How to Create an Inviting Alfresco Area for Year-Round Enjoyment

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When at home, we regularly look for excuses to go outside. It can be the search for fresh air, the desire to admire nature, or to relax with other people or pets. An outdoor living space is a must-have to spend time in the open air and rejuvenate. But how do you make the go-to place? How does it remain functional throughout the year?

Below are valuable tips on making your alfresco useful all year round.

Install a Patio

First, it’s vital to have a structure that protects you from the elements. The best way to do this is to build a patio.

A roofed patio protects you from the sun and light precipitation. For protection against light winds, you can use hand drapes and blinds. 

Alternatively, you can opt for modern roofing such as a gazebo, pergolas, retractable canopies, or outdoor umbrellas. 

However, the above options can be inadequate during windstorms and other harsh weather conditions. Installing roller shutters guarantees excellent protection against strong gusts and snowy weather, allowing you to enjoy an indoor-outdoor feel no matter the weather.

If you’re worried about the impact of shutters on your patio’s aesthetic, choose polycarbonate shutters. These are translucent and stylish, with the robustness of stainless-steel shutters. 

Invest in Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting ensures the party goes on after the sun sets. Start with porch lights if lighting up the entire back stretches your budget. These provide ambient lighting and illuminate your house. 

Next, add task lighting in your outdoor kitchen to make cooking easy in the dark. Candles and dimmable lights are an ideal fix for conversation and dining areas. 

Using different light sources can add a magical touch to your yard. However, using solar for the outdoors is best because it saves energy while reducing the environmental impact. 

Add Greenery

Plants breathe life into otherwise dead spaces. Moreover, you can use greenery to add colour to your patio. 

Choose succulents if you have little time to water and maintain potted plants. They’re hardy and available in many colours, shapes, and sizes.

You can also purchase faux plants for a maintenance-free lifestyle. Nowadays, UV-resistant plastic plants are available, ensuring you have zero concerns about possible sunlight damage.  

Create Privacy

Unless you own a large property, you’ll need to create privacy. You can use natural vegetation, a fence, a wall, or a combination. Using barriers or shutters around your patio creates a cosy and private atmosphere. 

These barriers can also serve as windbreakers, allowing you to stay outdoors during inclement weather.

Purchase Weatherproof Furniture

Invest in weatherproof furniture if you want it to stay on your patio throughout the year. Furniture made using polyresin wicker, powder-coated steel, and teak can withstand the harshest conditions for several years. Ensure you bring pillows and cushions inside when it rains, and remember to cover your furniture if it snows. 

Final Words

Spending time outdoors is only enjoyable if you have a liveable patio. Using the above tips, you can make your outdoor living space usable throughout the year. 

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