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Roller Shutter Maintenance Tips: How To Keep Your Shutters In Top Condition Year-Round

Roller Shutter Maintenance Tips

Exterior roller shutters for windows enhance security for buildings. Some property owners also use them as a décor hack to improve the appearance of their homes or business. They are tough and durable, yet, without proper maintenance, they look drab and could turn a building into an eyesore. Proper maintenance of window roller shutters improves their functionality and reduces possible repair costs.

Simple Tips for Maintenance of Exterior Roller Shutters for Windows

Roller shutters are a valuable and long-term investment. Consider the following tips for forming a maintenance routine. These tips will ensure you continue enjoying their benefits for years.

1. Keep them clean

Exterior roller shutters accumulate dirt, debris, and grime. Lack of proper and regular cleaning makes the shutters jam when closing or opening. Brush off that dirt and debris regularly. Clean with soap, water, and a sponge. 

After that, rinse your shutters with clean water. For the best results, vent the shutters before cleaning them. Dry them off with a soft cloth. Cleaning exterior roller shutters for windows after about three months will suffice.

2. Handle them with care

Although window shutters are hardware accessories, they need careful handling. Jerking, slamming, and banging them when they jam or when operating will damage them. Furthermore, avoid vigorous scrubbing, harsh detergents, and abrasive equipment when cleaning them.

3. Maintain all components

Roller shutters have components such as plastic clips, motors, and bearings. The bearings need lubrication at least once a year. Without that greasing, the bearings can rust or get rough. They will stick and affect the shutter’s functioning. Note that using sticky or silicon-based lubricants harms outdoor window shutters.

Window security shutters also need balance checks. It often requires a technician to detect the misalignment of the shutters. Unaligned window shutters will jam and damage the motor. All those problems will eventually call for expensive repairs. Remember to repair any damaged and loose parts as soon as possible.

4. Paint and Polish

There is a lot to gain from good care of exterior roller shutters for windows. Beyond functionality, consider that they become a decorative statement piece. A good paint job and polishing will breathe new life into them. They will shine and upgrade a building’s appearance.

Some owners artistically paint murals and graphics on roller shutters. Painting and polishing will protect roller shutters from moisture damage and rust. Rust degrades the roller shutters and gives them a worn look. It also hampers the shutters’ smooth rolling as they can stick and jam.

5. Contract Professionals for Best Roller Shutter Care

Some exterior roller shutters for windows may be too high off the ground. Some may have stubborn stains that need special care. That requires professional cleaners. Some tasks, such as motor balancing, require professional intervention. Consider, too, that some modern roller shutters have smart accessories that require electricity. 

Technicians will avert damage and injuries arising from mechanical or electrical faults. Other maintenance tasks include routine repairs and painting. For that, consider consulting a professional. Professionals have the relevant training, experience, and equipment for the tasks. 

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