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6 Reasons to Install Roller Shutters at Your Cafe or Restaurant

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Traditionally, you would only see roller shutters in malls, factories, and other large-scale commercial centres. This has since changed, with more businesses installing these structures. Here are valuable tips for using roller shutters if you own a café or a restaurant. 
For Security
The primary reason for installing roller shutters in commercial premises is to improve security. Because of their robust design, shutters prevent burglars from breaking into your store. These ensure the …

How to Create an Inviting Alfresco Area for Year-Round Enjoyment

Happy family having barbecue party in backyard

When at home, we regularly look for excuses to go outside. It can be the search for fresh air, the desire to admire nature, or to relax with other people or pets. An outdoor living space is a must-have to spend time in the open air and rejuvenate. But how do you make the go-to place? How does it remain functional throughout the year?

Below are valuable tips on making your alfresco useful all year round.
Install a Patio
First, it’s …

4 Crucial Steps to Prepare Your Home for Storm Season

Thunderstorm clouds over suburban houses

If you are a resident in an area prone to storms and other harsh weather conditions, it’s essential to design your home to be safe from such events. Having suitable anti-storm structures helps you minimise losses from natural hazards. It also makes it easier to claim compensation from insurance companies.

The following are valuable tips on preparing your home for the storm season.
Review Your Insurance Policy
Take time to read and understand your home insurance policy, focusing on what it takes to …

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